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Cloudfront SSL SETUP 27Dec, 2017

Cloudfront SSL SETUP

If you are hosting your website on Amazon EC2, it is very easy to integrate the SSL certificate in it and make it secure. The most interesting thing with Amazon is, its SSL certificate is free. And if we use SSL certificate from any other provider like Godaddy, it costs us around $60-70 per year. But with Amazon we don’t have to pay a single penny for SSL. But Hold on, take a breath and read out further as well 😉 To integrate the SSL, Amazon provides us two services: CloudfrontLoad Elastic Load Balancer We can’t integrate SSL directly with EC2 instance. And there is some costing involved in using these services depending upon the usage. Here, I am going…

React Js 14Jul, 2017

React Js

React is an open-source JavaScript framework developed at Facebook for building user interfaces. It is used at facebook in the production environment. Instagram has been built using this framework. It is fast, scalable, flexible, powerful, and has a robust developer community that is rapidly growing. It can be used on the client side as well as on the server side. Another fact about the React’s is Virtual DOM which selects the specific node of the DOM and perform the DOM manipulation to update those elements which results in enhancing the overall performance. Here are a few reasons why to choose React React is fast: Apps made in React can handle complex updates and still feel quick and responsive. React is…

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Introduction to Shopify 07Feb, 2017

Introduction to Shopify

Shopify is a complete package of e-commerce solutions that allows users to sell and manage their products online. Major benefits of shopify in comparison to other CMS, that it is ready to use whereas in case of other CMS like wordpress/magento, we need to download and install them before using their services. Here is the list of some key features offered by Shopify: Manage products, pages, collection, blogs, posts Manage orders and inventory Manage Store Navigation Manage media files Discount for customers Gift cards Create reports Support huge number of Payment Gateways Traffic analysis report Theme can be customized Install apps from app store Profile setting Shipping setting Set your primary domain Customize your checkout page Tax settings Manage Order/Shipping/Customer…

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Inversion of Control (IoC) and Dependency Injection (DI) 20Dec, 2016

Inversion of Control (IoC) and Dependency Injection (DI)

“Inversion of Control is a generic design principle of software architecture that assists in creating reusable, modular software frameworks that are easy to maintain.” It is a design principle in which the Flow of Control is “received” from the generic-written library or reusable code. To understand it better, in procedural/traditional languages, the business logic generally controls the flow of the application and “Calls” the generic or reusable code/functions. For example, In a simple Console application, my flow of control is controlled by my program’s instructions, that may include the calls to some general reusable functions. In Contrast, in IoC, Frameworks are the reusable code that “Calls” the business logic. print (“Please enter your name:”); scan (&name); print (“Please enter your…

Testing secured web service methods with SOAP UI 25Feb, 2016

Testing secured web service methods with SOAP UI

OVERVIEW Securing Web Service methods to protect them from malicious attackers, has been an indispensable part of SOA and web services for mobile applications. However, it also makes testing the web methods equally hard and unmanageable. I have been using SOAP UI for testing the web services of one of our mobile applications, where the web team has secured the REST web methods (PHP) using headers with encrypted values using HMAC hash and AES-256 algorithms. Here, I’ll share how we can use a groovy script (essentially Java code, for those who are not familiar with groovy) and property transfers in our SOAP UI test cases, automate test the secured web methods or anywhere you need to send the encrypted values…

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Filter Spam in Google Analytics 05Jan, 2016

Filter Spam in Google Analytics

Referrer traffic with 100% bounce rate in Google Analytics (GA) report is becoming a serious issue. This referrer traffic in the report is just a traffic stat not the actual traffic. This spam traffic affects the quality of analytics stats and alter website metrics, especially for website with fairly low traffic. Even in some cases this spam traffic stat affects the reputation of SEO agencies by creating a doubt in web owner’s mind against their SEO strategies that aim to promote their online business. So for the sake of Google Analytics traffic stats it becomes very important to handle these spam referrers. Some of the popular spam referrer are,, free-flo, Type of Spam in Google Analytics:  There are two type…

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