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You need a flexible EMR (electronic medical records) software system not only to efficiently manage the patient health records but also to enhance the medical care delivery and the overall efficiency of your hospital or clinic. Healthcare organizations are swiftly eliminating unnecessary paperwork and improving their clinical productivity with custom-developed or designed EMR applications to fit their practices. It is not just to simplify patient care but also to streamline secure document handling for practically every medical specialty out there. With a reliable electronic medical records software system, you can expand and build your medical content and improve your functionality by adding features of your choice to the platform. The ehr platform development can be cloud-hosted, integrated with your other clinical systems, be accessed securely through web and mobile applications, optimize your data exchange channels, and improve your organization’s accuracy and patient care efficiency.

Opting for a free clinical records management system is going to come at a bigger cost and with significant risks attached. There is no guarantee that these platforms are compliant in any way. Some of these software providers are even known to sell data to whoever wishes to buy it. This can not only lead to hefty fines but also tarnish the image of your organization. Therefore, it is never advised to go for a free medical billing software. Some of the leading companies in the USA and across the globe have made numerous hospital charting systems available in the market but availing the features of these medical documentation software comes at a rather high cost that is going to shake your entire budget. Zapbuild, EMR software development company, offers you plenty of features similar to that you get with these platforms and many more that you can get customized to your liking and to your organizational needs; all of this at a much lower cost!

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Electronic Medical Records Software - Salient Features That Beat The Competition Hands Down

An EMR application’s usability is not only confined to capturing and accessing medical billing systems online. It must also contribute to the business automation and care delivery improvement needs of your health organization. Additionally, the electronic medical record (EMR) solutions should ideally be a cloud-based solution with secure mobile and web applications for easy access across your locations and by your patients and authorized personnel.

Easy To Use Physician Tools

You would need these software applications to make the job of the physician easier. E-prescription has become a norm as it helps patients pick their medications and administer them efficiently. They also help physicians monitor and track the medication and the health of the patient remotely. The physician will be able to keep a track of outstanding lab results (oncology, neurology, ophthalmology, optometry, podiatry and much more), diagnosis of critical patients, vital signs and measurements, medications and treatments taken and due.

Communication Windows

Electronic medical record systems development will allow easy communication between different users of the application. Useful patient-centric portals will give patients the ability to access their records and also schedule their appointments with physicians.

SDM Or Secure Direct Messaging Feature

Hospital medical records software is going to be very useful for the patient as well as the doctor because it will save them both a lot of time and effort. The patient does not have to visit the doctor’s clinic and can get useful advice on medication changes and health tips to monitor their health problems on the go.

Calendar Feature

This will be very useful for patients in creating an appointment diary with their respective physicians and doctors. An interactive dashboard for both that will allow them to create events, medical sessions, highlight important appointments, attach visual data & imagery to hospital information and clinical records that will streamline care significantly. They can record the date of lab results and also schedule tests for any upcoming annual checkup to save a lot of time and effort.

Automated Notifications

Medical appointment scheduling software features are going to constantly remind the users of their important appointments, medicines to be administered, patients to be checked and monitored, tests to be taken, dietary and exercise regime to be followed, treatment to be commenced, instant medical insurance verification, on-the-spot immunization and much more!

High Degree Of Interoperability

When you choose to get an emr electronic medical record for hospitals or clinics developed from Zapbuild, you can be rest assured that you will get a software that will make it easy for users to communicate with other services and platforms as well - all the while within the compliances and authorization standards. This communication can be easily shared with other authorized practices, external laboratories and medical institutions outside your practice.

Evidence-Based Medication And Treatment

You also get in-built and ready to use medical libraries and a huge database for your hospital electronic medical record systems that is going to help your physicians make decisions quickly. Every medical service provider's judgment regarding medication and treatment can be verified with the help of available resources within the EMR platform.

Easy User Interface Enables Seamless Smartphone Connectivity For On-Call Services

Your users will be able to use the mobile apps of your electronic medical charting systems to easily avail of medical treatments, as well as view and manage their health information, wherever they want. A clean, fast, user-friendly and accurate user interface is going to make it possible without any delays.

Instant Result Integration

No electronic patient record system is successful without an instant test and lab result integration feature. The test results would be accessible and downloadable in various formats to both patients and authorized physicians.

Knowledge Base

Training manuals and tutorials, user guides, FAQs, rules and regulations, presentations and helpful images will also be a part of your integrated electronic medical record. It will help train your doctors, physicians, medical staff, patients, their family and friends and everyone who is the part of your medical organization on how to use this platform for their benefit.

Medical Compliance

Medical compliance and patient health information security are extremely important when it comes to managing the huge amount of medical data that we have in our hands. Every emr billing software that you get with Zapbuild is going to be HIPAA and HL7 compliant with ICD 10 support. You will also get CCHIT compliant and cloud-based EMR software applications.

Documenting And Reporting Features

On-the-go medical document upload and storage management is going to simplify the provision of medical services across departments that are treating patients of various medical backgrounds and histories. Constant reporting and health analytics will help your physicians draw a comparative analysis of patient progress at regular intervals of time.

Choosing the right system is going to be a very critical decision for your organization. If you are skeptical about its features and the way it is going to impact your productivity and functionality, Zapbuild as an is here to help. Get in touch with us today to connect with our EMR developer.

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