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Why should electronic health records (EHR), electronic medical records, personal health records, telemedicine and telehealth, Practice Management or any other healthcare billing software be HIPAA compliant? The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act is in place to protect patient’s information. A System that collects patient information to provide them with the most sought after patient care services should be HL7 and HIPAA certified. Here you are managing secure patient information which is essentially contained in EHR/EMR systems that you are keeping and sharing through your digital platforms. This information comprises the medical history of the patients, mental health information, critical demographics, lab results, insurance information and much more.

According to the law, your EMR/PHR/EHR should be HIPAA compliant Software if it harbors any electronic information of any individual. You can have a look at the many regulations and requirements for your electronic medical records right here in the security rule page.

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Are There Any Consequences Of Not Complying With The HIPAA Regulations?

As a medical organization it is your moral responsibility to treat the data and critical information of your patients with utmost care and fairness. Other than this, the following repercussions should be enough to motivate you to always be compliant of these regulations:

Meaningful Use

In case you are eligible for either of the medical incentive programs such as Medicare or Medicaid, your EMR, EHR, PHR, Telehealth or telemedicine applications or softwares have to meet all the criteria set by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. The list also directs you to provide complete privacy and security to the medical data collected by you if you want to get the incentives you rightfully deserve.

HIPAA Violations And Electronic Medical Records

If you have been involved in any breaches, surprisingly the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act is not going to penalize you. However, you may have to pay fines and penalties that range from $100 to $1.5 million per violation if you are found non compliant.. Anyone can report a violation on your part and you may be subject to random audit as well. Either way if any violation on your part comes to the fore, you will be subject to these fines and penalties.


In case of any medical breach, according to the HIPAA compliance system guidelines, you are required and legally obligated to notify all the patients if their data has been compromised. By not informing them, you may be inviting unwanted and extremely expensive lawsuits.

Understanding The Link Between Electronic Medical Records And HL7 Standards

Health Level Seven International is a nonprofit organization that has been dedicated to developing strict standards for the exchange of electronic patient care data all across the globe. HL7 is basically a set of standards and rules that one has to follow when dealing with critical patient information.

Today, with the help of HIPAA compliance app or software development companies, the process of storing, sharing patient information, even maintaining watertight remuneration and medical billing cycles has made communication smooth between doctors, physicians, therapists, specialists, patients and their families and many more. HL7 is basically a framework for secure and safe data exchange and storage.

Understanding Health Level 7 For The Efficient Functioning Of Your EHR

Section 1

Here are the various compliance methods and standard system integrations are defined. You will find the primary and the most popular standards among all categories in this section.

Section 2

This comprises all the foundational standards that help define and determine the technological infrastructure the user is planning to use.

Section 3

This standard is going to help link messaging with document standards for providers.

Section 4

One can understand how patient records should be constructed and managed by using models and profiles.

Section 5

Here you can find support documents. It also outlines the various methods used for EHR implementation.

Section 6

This section is going to aid in standard development by helping you explore the rules and references useful in developing software programming structures.

Section 7

This section is going to educate users and healthcare providers by giving them the tools to develop and adopt HL7 standards.

Following Are The Most Important And Commonly Used Standards Of HL7

  • Clinical Context Object Workgroup
  • Structured Product Labeling
  • Clinical Document Architecture
  • Continuity Of Care Document
  • Version 2.X Messaging Standard

How Can Zapbuild Help You Stay HIPAA & HL7 Compliant?


We will take care of who gets access to what information in your HIPAA compliant medical billing software. Only the authorized users and employees will get access to important information.

User Authentication

Every time a user logs into your EMR, there will be a strict authentication process to go through. They will require the appropriate permissions to carry out any process on your platform.

Automation Of Log Off

As soon as the activity of the user is completed, the profile will be automatically logged off.

Regular Alerts And Audits

Tracking the activity of every user at all times and carefully auditing any changes in the information is going to prevent data breach.

Secure Hosting

You will get a very appropriate, adequate and totally customized HIPAA compliant solution with Zapbuild.

Business Associate Addendum

BAA is a contract that you will be signing with us to ensure that only our trusted team members and skilled engineers have access to your critical data.

Reliable Infrastructure

The infrastructure of the platform is going to be reliable and completely encrypted to prevent illegal and unauthorized replication of all your data.

Being compliant with these standards and regulations is the biggest and the most important step in the right direction when you are getting your very own PHR /EMR / EHR software developed. We at Zapbuild understand this very well. For more information write to us at…… right now!

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