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Today, laboratory information management softwares are being widely utilized by various pathology/diagnostic labs and pharmacies across the globe. They are useful for clinical tests and assist in timely report generation. These systems and platforms support disciplines such as biochemistry, hematology, cytology, microbiology, neurology, radiology, serology and many more. Zapbuild’s custom made and completely personalized pathology lab management software or platforms let you perform the most critical tests, sampling processes and then let you group the results in variegated sections and sample types.

You get an easy to understand and implement desktop, mobile software that offers a wide range of features and modules that let you supervise a wide number of inpatient and outpatient testing procedures. You will be able to manage result entries, patient check-ins and check-outs, also keep track of patient demographics around all the geographical locations your laboratories are functioning in. By using our easily deployable and cloud-based laboratory inventory management solutions you will be able to offer excellent and outstanding services to your patients and clients. Get the best workflow, billing, inventory, management software system for your pharmaceutical company with well-integrated informatics or analytical capabilities.

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Laboratory & Pharmacy Information System Integration By Zapbuild Has The Following Features


Create and track all your lab projects with easy workflows. Automate standardized procedures and methods for faster project analysis with our pharmacy software systems.

Inventory And Storage

This feature is going to make sample and container tracking easier. Get location audit logs and easy stock and supply tracking tools to reorder every part of your inventory as and when you receive timely notifications and alerts.

Lab Automation And Integration

Liquid handling and workstations handling is the most critical part of a lab. You can manage several functions remotely and seamlessly with our fully custom lims lab information management system.

Electronic Document

Get a unified repository of all the electronic documentation that you will need to support your lab and the various research functions you are performing in it. Manage all the raw data and each and every final report without resorting to papers and binders.

Workflow Assembly

All the samples of interest will be queued automatically for screening. Implementation of project decision criteria will become easier and you will be able to capture data for audits, regulatory and compliance standards such as HIPAA and HL7 with our medical laboratory management systems.

Automatic Data Capture

Our web based laboratory and pharmacy manager systems/platforms are going to be custom made to suit your needs and will be directly integrated with all your data generating instruments as well. You will get custom file-parsers, data loaders and easy automatic data reduction.

Data Analysis

You get graphing, MCA, QA/QC, curve-fitting, calculations, and much more.

Case Management

Performing group sample tests and dividing all the data into batches and cases is going to simplify case management.


You will be able to control all the data and limit the activities of all the accounts associated with your systems. User authentication will be in place so that every data file and document saved on your platform is absolutely secure and miles away from any breach.


Do you know that a very critical aspect of any software is its ability to monitor and maintain essential lab instruments? When not done right, this can result in severe expenses. You will be able to get regular information upon the status of all the instruments and schedule work and maintenance chores accordingly.

Laboratory SOP Enforcement

You will be able to enforce all your business rules before any sample is registered, screened or queued.

Customized Reporting

Through lims laboratory reporting system, you will get predefined and custom formats for easily understandable reporting. You can export these reports to the desired file formats such as Word, Excel, Adobe PDF and PowerPoint.

Prioritization Of Work List

The entire workload of your lab is going to be prioritized and queued in the order of urgency. Every task will be assigned for every professional for each day of the month. This way you will be able to do away with any project bottlenecks and reduce the life cycle of all your processes which will enhance your efficiency.

Animal Facility

If you are involved in animal sample testing and treatment, this feature is going to help you manage workflows and efficiency of your personnel. When it comes to reporting upon the behavioral traits of animals being brought into the lab for testing, this feature will let you record and manage all the pathological and toxicological reports generated.

Chemistry And Informatics

This feature is going to let you perform structured visualization, compound registration, calculate properties and draw and search chemical compounds and their combinations for easy sampling and testing.

Billing Window

The billing window is going to help you monetize all your transactions with ease. You will be able to record all the tests and procedures carried out in your medical laboratory with ease.

The medical and healthcare sector is a complex one to understand. You will constantly have to evolve with advancing technology and the various regulatory standards and compliance procedures. To better understand your laboratory and pharmacy software system needs, you can always rely on lims software solution provider like Zapbuild. Connect with us at your convenience.

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