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If you are thinking about the many ways you can possibly increase your productivity and efficiency in the field of construction, you need to administer project designs and operations more efficiently. At the present moment, the majority of all contractors and builders are using some sort of contractor project management software that helps them estimating costs, assists them in accounting, helps in managing project and scheduling tasks. But is it ideal for the needs, workflow, and processes of their business? Choosing the right web and mobile based Application for builders - whether it is for residential, commercial, or industrial projects - isn’t really difficult as long as you take the right advice and get the basics right. This is what is going to help you keep up with the evolving times and track all your projects and adhere to all your deadlines.

Highly efficient construction scheduling app does not just help you to manage contract or sourcing the raw materials but also in tracking the workforce, tools, equipment, generating reports and analytics, and most importantly increasing your profit margins while reducing costs in the long run. But in the current scenario, there is a wide variety of web and mobile based software for home builders and contractors available in the market; this is going to make it difficult for you to pinpoint the features that are going to enhance your operational speed and is comprehensive enough to fulfil the needs of all your workers, builders and contractors.

Society Management Solutions

Construction Project Management Software - Features You Will Get

Customer Relationship Management

Now retrieving and saving clients’ contact information and attaching important documents to it is going to be easy. Various history and search options will allow to track their clients’ projects and their progress and establish communication easily among them and workers, builders and contractors/sub-contractors.

Team Role and Task Management

With the proper allotment of jobs and responsibilities among the team members, a construction task management website ensures there is no room for overlapping of operations as each one of their roles is going to be clearly defined and understood.

  • Project Managers are able to lead the entire project towards completion faster and in a more cost-effective manner
  • Field Engineers do not have to worry about the availability of materials and equipment anytime during the construction
  • Architects can focus on creating realistic simulations and walkthroughs by keeping track of the progress
  • Sub Contractor bids can be managed better by your general contractors anytime

Construction Project Management

You will be able to oversee the entire planning and the designing process, and of course, the construction phase from start to finish of any site as this feature will give you the ability to remotely control time, cost and quality.

  • Customizable & Agile Workflow System lets you put every process in a chronological order
  • Construction Scheduling App allows you to prioritize and manage deliveries to be on time; several people prefer using a standalone contractor scheduling app to manage their job schedules
  • Task Delegation can be facilitated by defining each job, its responsibilities and priority
  • Project Tracking is possible through constant updates and notifications that are available to every user
  • Timesheet Tracking lets you save resources by keeping track of employee time spent on each task or site
  • Geofencing will help you track your employee and worker activity better and will assist you in ERP as well

Service Management

You are going to provide several kinds of construction services at any given point of time and this is where this feature is going to help you ascertain the cost for each employee, supervisor, contractor, and manager and will help you book jobs and improve material availability and technician productivity.

Resource Management

You cannot do without a resource allocation planning process when it comes to ascertaining the various types of resources critical to your operations. Construction resource management function is a very essential part.

Document Management System

A robust construction document management system is required to record the financials of a project, maintain the ins and outs of its inventory and also to enable project phase tracking and subcontractor tracking along with many other project-related documents.

Accounting & Financial

When you need to monitor the expenses incurred and the costs borne by you for your project, accounting functionality is going to be of the utmost importance. It will automate your accounts receivables and payables and also simplify work order entry and payroll administration.

Inventory Management

You can easily simplify the complexities of inventories involved in a company. You will need construction inventory management functionality that is going to eliminate write-offs and let you perform quick inventory audits and track your assets across the job site and also assist managers in an efficient distribution of materials and equipment.

  • Material Management is very important and your tool needs to be timely and efficient to save costs
  • Equipment Management should be facilitated to maintain project delivery timelines

Risk Management

No project is complete without some degree of risk and all your managers are going to need a robust risk management tool to minimize different problems and identify and manage risks associated with material handling and equipment allocation and rising taxes and costs to name a few.

  • Reporting is required on a regular basis to monitor, assess, plan and control any measures required to prevent exposure to risk and manage any residual risk
  • Data Analytics on a regular basis help you assess market demands in accordance with prices and economy

Mobile Capabilities

We just love to be on the go and that is why a cloud-based system gives construction management website capabilities to simplify a lot of the tasks for the movers and shakers. Project specifications review, equipment scheduling, work and job process tracking, new client input and records of available resources and a lot more can be done remotely now.

Internet Of Things

The global network of devices that can easily communicate with one another is going to impact your sites significantly. When all your mobile devices are connected with one another you can get timely updates and notifications about failures of any machines and equipment, ability to track material availability and facilitate communication among all department heads.

  • Resource Monitoring becomes very easy when all your devices and peripherals are connected to one another
  • Resource Optimization can be facilitated when there is no shortage or excess of men, money or material
  • IoT enabled Field provides multiple benefits in supervising the workforce and tracking work output efficiency and quality

Third-Party Integrations

Third-party integrations become very important when you want to maintain let's say, accounting in a third-party site such as Quickbooks or Xero, or proper attendance of your site workers or take a record of their biometric information or sync scheduling with Google Calendar or iCal, etc.

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